Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How Robin Vos spent his credibility, your money

As Gov. Evers is about to roll out his first WI state budget, and GOP Assembly Speaker and fake fiscal conservative Robin Vos attacks it as too expensive, let's remind remind him of the public spending he's showered on his district, party, staff, and air miles:

*  There was that $4,300 plane ride he took on a state airplane so he could meet with a legislative ally in Ohio. A conference call could have handled the session; maybe he wanted to show everyone that Walker wasn't the only state official who could play big shot and order up an airplane

* Then there are the hundreds of thousands of dollars Vos just appropriated for more GOP staffers, a pay raise for his chief of staff, and private lawyers serving Republican partisan interests.

*  And there's all the local and state taxpayer spending in and around the Foxconn site - - which is in and around Vos' Assembly district - - spending Vos helped direct that is separate from the billions in state and local dollars Vos and Team Walker have promised to the company through borrowings and tax credits.

Note especially how the road and major highway largesse grew from $30 million to $90 million to $630 million - - inflating a more than $1.6 billion dollar pot of public funds not directly spent on Foxconn hiring or factory production - - which is why I'd written that even if Foxconn bails out tomorrow, Vos's district will benefit from decades of commercial and residential expansion served by the taxpayer-financed infrastructure.

So when Evers submits his budget, let's not hear from Vos about what taxpayers can't afford to spend while he, his party and his district are soaking up far more than a fair share.
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peregrine said...

Well said Jim. He is a complete hypocrite.