Sunday, November 5, 2017

Walker announcement site run by major donors

[Updated] WI GOP Gov. and eager corporate captive Scott Walker will make his 2018 re-election campaign announcement on Monday, Sunday, which might mean four more years of odd Twitter close-ups wearing Badger-festooned clothes from the school he never attended - - but whose budget he's cut - - or high shots of what he's eaten or is still chowing down, but don't look for him to be posed at one of these classic Wisconsin trout (impaired) streams or rural (polluting CAFO) barns.

And not because those locales might have forced reporters and cameramen crews to focus on the rutted, back-to-gravel roads they'd be traveling to get there.

He'll throw his hat into the ring at Weldall Manufacturing, Waukesha, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Dig a little deeper and you find that Walker will certainly be among friends there, as twenty-six people associated with Weldall Manufacturing have donated $52,450 to Walker's campaign committee since 2008, according to the data base maintained by the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

And it's no coincidence that Walker on Monday is not announcing his re-election bid at the rural Racine County Foxconn site even though he's touted his Foxconn deal for months in interviews and on his social media pages.

Walker is not announcing a statewide run at the Foxconn site because:

*  The deal showers an unprecedented $3 billion of taxpayer dollars on Southeastern Wisconsin at the expense of the rest of the state;

*  The site further calls attention to the deal's targeted road-building, environmental exemptions for developers and judicial favors awarded to the Taiwan-based multi-national corporation, but for no other business anywhere in Wisconsin;

*  He'd be adding to the negative p.r. the Foxconn deal has already teed up for Monday because that's the same day the always-blundering WEDC has agreed to let its board members finally review the state's critical, proposed contract with Foxconn after weeks of delays and an outrageous cover-up.

The contract release behind WEDC's closed doors will inevitably leak into news coverage of Walker's campaign announcement, so Team Walker will try and minimize the damage.

And since we're talking media and Walker, reporters should ask Walker at his hand-picked Waukesha manufacturing venue where he'll spin out cherry-picked jobs data why his 2016 numbers were absolutely horrible and he's still tens of thousands of jobs short of the 250,000 new private-sector jobs he pledged seven years ago to create in just four.

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