Saturday, November 4, 2017

"Sunspots" Johnson should disavow his climate change denial

I'd noted yesterday in light of the Trump's administration's full embrace of human-caused climate change & global warming that Wisconsin's right-wing, fossil-fuel obeisant Gov. Scott Walker should restore the climate science, links, educational materials - - and integrity - - that his DNR Secretary ideologically deleted from public, agency records.
Memo to Scott Walker: Tell the WI DNR to repost the climate science Cathy Stepp scrubbed off.
And let's add GOP Senator and all-around ignoramus Ron Johnson to the list of Wisconsin politicians who have some remedial climate change work to do, based on these files: favorite Ron Johnson Senatorial disqualifier - - 
GOP Senator Compares Climate Change Activists To Stalin
Ron Johnson, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg
...the story and headliner winner is this one:
Sunspots are behind climate change, Johnson says
In fact, here he is on video, with a bonus shout out to carbon dioxide for trees:
Ron Johnson On Global Warming: 'I Absolutely Do Not Believe In The Science'
But it's hard to choose, since there was just this Johnson update:
Wisconsin: Johnson sees upside to climate change

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