Friday, November 24, 2017

Maybe Walker just likes free vacations

News from the right-turn corner of ideology and cheap.

I assume the Republican Governors Association which he chairs, or the Republican National Committee or Friends of Walker or some generous PAC or donor or 'interest group' would pick up the tab for Walker to hobnob next month in Florida with some of the nation's leading ultra-rightists:

*  Remember the free, 'once-in-a-liftetime' Alaskan cruise he and First Lady Tonette Walker were supposed to take earlier this year?

*  And last year's free family vacation to see the Packers play Atlanta?

*  On the heels of a February, 2016 speech to Republicans in Hawaii which I was paid for by the host committee.

In Wisconsin, the high life is more than a Miller branded lager.

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Anonymous said...

I do not understand why this isn't being covered by the media. James O'Keefe has been in the news for horrible things against the MEDIA in the past 48 hours and the elected governor of Wisconsin will be appearing at a conference with him. And Walker is representing himself as Governor Walker, not Scott Walker. He is normalizing and legitimizing Bannon, Gorka, O'Keefe, Tomi Lahren, Kirk, Joe Walsh, the Mooch..I mean for Pete's sake state media, where are you going to get a better story than that? And why is Walker appearing? We know all of these terrible people are connected by Koch/Mercer money so why not look into that?