Friday, November 17, 2017

Walker's record unmasks faux fears of outside donations

I'm still laughing over Scott Walker's bogus fretting (read: 'Send Money!) about having to run for re-election against out-of-state money:
Walker says he fears "outside money."
You might as well have Trump worrying that Russians might help his next opponent.

Throw a few of Walker's words into Google, and the truth emerges.

A few examples:

*  Read about the thirteen out-of-state billionaires who wrote him big checks for the recall campaign. From 6/5/12:
Scott Walker's Big Money Backers Include 13 Out-Of-State Billionaires
If Scott Walker wins Tuesday's recall election, he'll have 14 of America's richest people to thank.
Wisconsin's Governor has out-raised opponent Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee, by almost 8 to one: $30.5 million to Barrett's $3.9 million. Of that huge haul, $1.68 million -- or, almost half Barrett's total -- came from 14 members of the Forbes billionaires list, all but one of whom live outside Wisconsin. 
*  More details about the out-of-state donors who dominate Walker's list. From 9/19/2014 :
Who's paying for the fight for Wisconsin Governor?
Big-money donors make up a hefty portion of Walker's top supporters, many of whom are from out of state. Burke, on the other hand, has had fewer big-money donors. In Wisconsin, individual donations are capped at $10,000. 
* And another accounting about his out-of-state donor strength. From 2/11/2015
To Understand Scott Walker's Strength, Look at His Donors
Mr. Walker’s list displays a cross section of stalwart Republican donors, from Texas energy company executives to the chief executives of Midwestern financial services companies. He received $1.9 million from California donors in 2012, and at least $1 million from donors in Florida, Texas, Illinois and New York that year, records from Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board show. 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Always projection with GOPs. Every damn time.

All Walker has left is the "whiny victim" act. He can't run on his record or as a check on the Black Man in the White House, so expect a massively negative, whiny campaign from this slug.

Anonymous said...

He will also use something along the lines of we are moving forward, keep up the momentum by re-electing GOP.

Golden Eagles said...

And of course his “ commmon sense reforms “ phrase. When will the opposition party challenge this bull roar manipulating phrase.
What do you mean by common sense reform Governor?