Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mueller clean-up operation may clean US food chain, too

It is not clear if former right-wing Iowa talk show host and man with no agricultural or hard science experience Sam Clovis withdrew as Trump's pick for chief USDA scientist because Robert Mueller will indict him.

Or whether Clovis 

Sam Clovis.jpg
got gone because Trump's Russia problem will take down anyone caught for any reason in Mueller's rise through the Trump organizational chart.

This blog first noted the Clovis appointment on May 14, here.

Clovis' removal from a key US Department of Agriculture position does mean there's one fewer fossil fuel tool in a senior taxpayer-paid job that should be filled by a trained public health, clean air and water advocate.

Regrettably, other Trump swamp dwellers have been put by Trump in important government positions to serve the polluting industries they are supposed to regulate in the public interest, like Exxon/Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson at State, Big Coal's mining friend Ryan Zinke at Interior, and Wisconsin's wetland-filling champion and noted climate change information scrubber Cathy Stepp who is now working for the Koch brother's bellhop Scott Pruitt at the EPA.

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