Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The perfect Walker/Wisconsin metaphor? A manure spill

From Scott Walker's deregulated, open for business Wisconsin, this latest Kewaunee County manure spill:
Truck accidentally dumps 2,000 gallons of liquid manureBut don't worry: Walker aims to transfer inspection and 'regulation' of the growing number of industrial-scale animal feeding/manure producing operations from the DNR to Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection - - the same state agency which promotes and helps sell Wisconsin ag, meat and dairy products.

The locations will change, but related photos will soon be available from mining sites, wetland fillings at the Foxconn project, and elsewhere, as Walker and his GOP allies in the legislature and the Attorney General's office rush to privatize Wisconsin public resources before the US Supreme Court issues an order for new Assembly and Senate elections.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Kewaunee County voted 62-37% for Scott Walker is 2014. These manure spills are the result of Scott Walker's governorship.

You want it to stop, Kewaunee? Vote better, or else it won't.