Friday, November 3, 2017

GOP tax plan chases mythical skyrocket

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are repackaging outdated and discredited GOP snake oil - the kind that promised you a chicken in every pot and a boss transformed from Scrooge to Mother Teresa - by proposing to redeposit billions in after tax money from middle-class homeowners to super-rich families, major corporations, and hedge fund managers looking to upgrade to a higher-end Benz.
Bring your b.s. detector and spin decoder rings to Wisconsin, where Republicans led by Scott Walker took over the State Capitol, cut business taxes and spared no metaphors predicting their handiwork would launch the economy like a rocket or skyrocket.

And have failed in nearly seven years of one-party rule to create the 250,000 jobs they said their right-wing state planning would produce in four.

These are the same fake small-government devotees who repeatedly attack the idea that government can improve people's lives through what conservatives derisively call "social engineering," and yammer to death about never-ever using using government power and policies to pick winners and losers, then turn around when they take control and manipulate the system through economic engineering that absolutely aims to pick winners and losers, - - including Wisconsin's leading economic engineer, failure and all - -Scott Walker himself.

*So, can you say Foxconn, where examples abound?

Hurried $252 Foxconn million for I-94 N/S is both outrage and chicken feed
In post-Foxconn WI, GOP is done w/air, wetlands law  
 Despite denials, Walker uses gov't. to pick winners & losers
Or Kestrel?
From this 2014 story: 
One of the high profile companies to receive backing from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. is again delinquent on its loans with the state. 
Superior-based Kestrel Aircraft Company — a firm touted by Gov. Scott Walker as an example of his business recruitment efforts — hasn’t made any payment on its $4 million in loans since October. It is supposed to pay $6,600 monthly and is now over $26,000 in arrears.
Or Kansas?
Businesses and the super-rich and major GOP donors are about as likely to invest their new-found government-goosed billions on new jobs or training programs as Paul Manafort was to spend his freshly-arrived wealth on business startups instead of suits and Persian rugs.

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