Monday, November 27, 2017

Undercovered Foxconn water questions demand answers

Many Foxconn questions asked, many not answered, so let's bring up just a few:

As the Village of Mount Pleasant and Racine County are set to commit a fortune - - $764 million to Foxconn - - on top of Wisconsin's precedent-setting $3 billion, let's again ask for information about a), Foxconn's apparent need for a diversion of Great Lakes water to serve at least a portion of its huge project site.

And b), exactly what will Foxconn do with the polluted water its manufacturing processes are known to generate, what precisely is in it, and can either Racine or Mount Pleasant handle it without budget-breaking infrastructure upgrades?

Here's a 2013 story about Foxconn and water pollution allegedly flowing from its Chinese factories.

Chinese Apple suppliers face toxic heavy metal water pollution charges

Foxconn denies allegations, Apple reiterates zero-tolerance stance

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