Monday, November 6, 2017

Rolling dice for Foxconn, in darkness, with our money

Caution and open government abandoned as Walker drives the WEDC-Foxconn express. 
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As the WEDC board moves to approve Scott Walker's re-election enabling goal of sending $3.74 billion in state and local public dollars to Taiwan-based Foxconn  - - full history, here - - it's important to remember that the GOP-run WI legislature only six months ago restored to the endemically-troubled agency the authority to lend money because of WEDC's history of botched deals, political interference and worrisome audits:
...WEDC failed to track job creation in a variety of ways.
It did not require grant and loan recipients to submit detailed information on how many jobs they add or retain, or what those jobs pay.
WEDC also failed to collect detailed information from grant recipients about their current employees, information that would provide a baseline to measure future employment growth at a business.
Auditors also found WEDC did not annually verify the jobs-related information it was given.
Trusting WEDC to approve and monitor precedent-setting and consequential obligations despite a documented, failed history to follow law and procedure, assess risk and manage smaller and simpler projects is like gifting a Lamborghini to a youthful driver who only a few months ago got back a learner's permit suspended for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, reckless driving, and eluding an officer.

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Genie Ogden said...

Assembly minority leader Gordon Hintz had a bill requiring that the Foxconn deal not be voted on until the contract was posted on their public website. AR18. Republicans voted against taking the bill out of committee, 61 to 31.