Friday, November 10, 2017

The unbearable selfishness of Paul Ryan

When you turn Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan into the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and he's been dreaming of gutting federal spending for the poor since college, these are among the things he wants strip from people to serve his donors and preserve his career:
New Market Tax Credits which boost development in low-income areas, and Work Opportunity Tax Credits which encourage the hiring of the poor, and disabled vets, and so and so forth. Not to mention personal deductions for teacher-purchased school supplies, health care expenses for yourself, your spouse and relatives you are supporting in nursing homes, or state and local taxes, and so on and so forth. Because billionaires need to be able to hand down every last farthing of wealth - - including already-inherited riches - - to their heirs. And also so Paul Ryan can deliver the goods to his donors and get re-elected, so he can write another of these bills.

And it makes tax reform nearly impossible.

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