Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stupidity alert: Anti-train Walker pitching WI through ads on IL trains

[Updated from 11/29/17] Scott Walker and the dim bulbs surrounding him are so cluelessly disconnected from his own history, and so ignorant of what young people living outside of Wisconsin like and want and expect from government - - some survey data, here - -  that he is pitching them to move from Illinois to Wisconsin through ads on trains like those he has consistently blocked in Wisconsin.

I've created an updated post about Foxconn which now has more than 100 items and many more links: here is the second on that list put up right after Walker announced the project:
Amtrak line killed by Walker could have fed Foxconn
If Walker hadn't obstructed the Amtrak extension to win anti-Obama votes in Waukesha County during his 2010 campaign and then as follow-through when sworn in, the Madison-Milwaukee Amtrak line would be finished.
And there is already an Amtrak Hiawatha line stop in the Racine county Village of Sturtevant.
So no train serving Dane County workers or others to the west, but Walker wants to exploit what already runs from the south - - out of Illinois.

When did he become Governor of Illinois? 

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