Sunday, November 12, 2017

Walker labels 'WI kiddies can carry, hunt' bill a "Sportsman" law

That's what Scott Walker calls it, through his office, officially.

Governor Walker Signs Four Sportsman Bills into Law

Assembly Bill 455 – This bill eliminates the requirement that a person be at least ten years of age to hunt under the hunting mentorship program, leaving it up to parents to decide. The bill also eliminates the current limit of one (1) hunting device that a mentor and a mentee may have while hunting. They both may now carry hunting devices. 
I'd noted two weeks ago that the Assembly was rushing the bill to completion - - which is the Walker/Wisconsin way - - no serious evaluation - - just state power exercised when serving powerful lobbies and special interests; whether the NRA and so-called 'sporting' groups, water-draining and polluting CAFOs and metal mining, Foxconn, sand mining which needs wetlands filled, and various donor-developments.

One post among many, or this one, for your edification:
Again, the people of Wisconsin have to fight for the land and water - - and at their own cost - - against the state government they also fund through taxes.
Such is life in Wisconsin - - whether it's to save the Bad River watershed in the Northwest from open-pit mining, destructive golf course construction along the Lake Michigan shoreline near Sheboygan, or drinking water supplies long-contained by feedlot runoff in Kewaunee County in the Northeast - - because right-wing GOP Gov. and corporate servant Scott Walker has installed "a chamber of commerce mentality" atop the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Here's the bigger picture.
This time the familiar pattern repeats itself because the DNR hurriedly approved a big sand mine where there are wetlands and rare stands of timber, and environmental groups are going to court to force the DNR to do its job on behalf of taxpayers and the environment spelled out here by the DNR itself.



Anonymous said...

Listening to our fools in office, it was obvious that they can not tell the truth. They keep stating that they have had all kinds of support for the bill which lifted the 10 year old age limit. I call BS. I have mentored kids and know many others who have also. I have yet to talk to a single "sportsman" who does not hate this idea.

So then we have to figure out why they are pushing this bill. Could it be because a large number of hunters are so pissed off at the state that they are not buying licenses, so the only way to compensate is to get little kids to buy tags?

Anonymous said...

It's all about the NRA being able to get their hooks in to younger people and trying to indoctrinate them as early as possible.

Anonymous said...

A lot of them do support it. The opinions among the hunting pages is very polarized.