Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dissing Milwaukee, Walker pitching Foxconn/WI jobs to IL, beyond

Among the weaknesses of Walker's re-election campaign-tinged bid to lure young workers to Wisconsin:

*  Young people in Illinois will love it, but will keep their residences there and commute on Metro to Foxconn.

*  Speaking of rail, young people like it. You killed it.

*  Young people like welcoming, diverse governance. You and your right-wing echo chamber poison that everyday.

*  Young people like environmentalism. You hate it.

*  There are plenty of potential workers in Milwaukee, particularly in the central city, who could work at Foxconn to which you have mortgaged the state.

*  How many of these ads will feature your face and voice, like other WEDC p.r. and isn't it nice for Walker that they will overlap and tie-in with his campaign and third-party shilling commercials?

Uncontested fact: Walker didn't create a single job in Milwaukee's low-income neighborhoods when he was County Executive, and his disinterest today Milwaukee's under-employed and unemployed labor pool - - except to use those people in dog-whistles to out-state conservatives voters - - is manifestly obvious. 

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Anonymous said...

I think the people in rural Wisconsin might like a crack at those jobs since they are paying for them.