Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Private-sector dominated WEDC board votes in secret

Here are the people who will vote in secret today on the still-secret contract handing to Taiwan-based Foxconn $3 billion in state funds and triggering the commitment of another $764 million in Racine County and Village of Mount Pleasant tax money.

The full Foxconn story - - proposed site, above - - and archive is here.

Walker created the WEDC to replace the Wisconsin Department of Commerce and give the private sector more control over state planning and spending - - and, as WEDC said itself, to help him create the 250,000 jobs he's failed to achieve - - . He was willingly replaced as chairman in 2015 because poor performance, bad audits and repeated executive turnover undermined Walker's 2015 presidential campaign and leaderships credentials.

From the WEDC website:


WEDC’s Board of Directors is composed of state legislators, departmental secretaries and individuals from the private sector with relevant business-related experience. The Board of Directors provides WEDC with strategic leadership and operational oversight, representing statewide public and private economic development interests.
Lisa Mauer, Chair
Rickert Industries
David J. Drury, Treasurer
Wing Capital Group
Rep. Dana Wachs
91st Assembly District
Raymond Dreger
Seeds and Stuff Market Inc.
Sen. Daniel Feyen
18th Senate District
Rep. Rob Hutton
13th Assembly District
Jim Ladwig
Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce
R.D. Nair
UW School of Business
Nancy Hernandez, Vice Chair & Secretary
President and Founder
ABRAZO Multicultural Marketing & Communication
Sen. Tim Carpenter
3rd Senate District
C. Thomas Sylke
Of Counsel
Setter Roche LLP
Richard Chandler (Non-voting)
Department of Revenue
Scott Neitzel (Non-voting)
Department of Administration


Click here for a list of the Audit Committee members
Click here for a list of the Awards Administration Committee members
Click here for a list of the Budget and Finance Committee members

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