Thursday, November 23, 2017

Advantage, pollution: Feds "no" on lakeshore golf hearing

There's an insiders' tag team underway by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Wisconsin DNR as the state government/Walker donor steamroller bulldozer aims to convert a 247-acre nature preserve into a privately-owned golf course adjacent to - - and partially within - - Kohler Andrae State Park,

It's like counting on the second opinion you lined up by an independent claims adjuster because you know your insurance company was likely tp selling you out after a flood wrecked your house - - and then discovering that your independent firm isn't going to do the separate analysis because it already decided your insurer's notes and reviews were good enough.

So if you plan to attend the hearing the Wisconsin DNR has scheduled on its golf course plan reviews in Sheboygan on Nov. 30th - - a week from today, and to which Friends of the Black River Forest urge your attendance - - and you've been thinking that the US Army Corps of Engineers would was available as an honest, independent back-stopping reviewer which would put the protection of Lake Michigan and the lakeshore and dunes and wetlands and groundwater from fertilizer runoff and related degradation as priority #1 - - note:

The Corps of Engineers has decided not to hold a hearing of its own, and will rely on the DNR's processes and reviews and assessments which, to date, are working to the golf course developer's advantage, as explained in the comments from Friends of the Black River Forest, here.

The Corps of Engineers has said by letter, below, "there is not a valid public interest to be served by conducting a public hearing at this time." 

Also available, here:

Army Corps of Engineers Letter - No public hearing needed for permit to discharge dredged material or fill in wetlands. 10/3/17

And you know that after a DNR permit is issued, the Corps of Engineers is likely to say 'well, too late now.'

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