Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vos praises WEDC...for doing its job

[Updated from 2:51 p.m.] Reliable source reports the document is still being edited. The vote is Wednesday. What kind of process is this?
WI GOP Assembly Speaker and major Foxconn proponent Robin Vos offers this squishy reassurance about the still-secret $3 billion Foxconn contract up for a WEDC vote tomorrow: 
Vos said WEDC was "fighting for the taxpayers until the very last minute," and he trusted the board would get the best deal possible without releasing the contract language to the public before the vote.
Isn't "fighting for the taxpayers" WEDC's job? Are we looking at a tactic admission signaling in advance that WEDC, about to hand over a generation of state spending that can't be used for other purposes, was no match for Foxconn?
Picture of Representative Robin Vos
No wonder the agency has such a bad track record.

As with Walker and the distance he's putting between himself and the Foxconn contract - - all very troubling.

Foxconn archive with more than 80 entries, here.

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