Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Save the DNR magazine. Subscribe now.

If you are angry that Scott Walker's war on science, information and public service now extends to his unsupportable and politically-inspired proposed wipe out of the DNR's popular, low-cost and completely-subscriber supported Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine - - 
Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine cover photo
 - - then subscribe NOW.

We need media stories about a flood of new subscribers.

People and editorial boards turned around Walker's attacks on the Open Records law and the US System's search-for-truth Wisconsin Idea mission statement. 

Send Walker the same message, again: Wisconsin should support and facilitate the free flow of public information, not delete and now budgetarily wipe it out.

Save this magazine. C'mon, environmentalists, organizations and First Amendment honorees - - Subscribe, now, here.


Kate Hale Wilson said...

Thanks for the heads up--I just subscribed for THREE YEARS. Also shared on Facebook.

James Rowen said...

Thank you for doing and sharing that.

Anonymous said...

2 year sub :) .. Thank you for your subscription to Wisconsin Natural Resources!
Your first issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine will be mailed in 4 to 6 weeks to: