Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Walker as Labor Secretary? Doubtful. And yet...

Right-wing WI GOP Gov. and enemy of labor everywhere Scott Walker says he has no interest in filling the newly-available position in the Cabinet as Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor.

Not to worry: Super thin-skinned Trump would never give such a job to someone who zinged him in an early GOP Presidential debate as sure to be "an apprentice in the White House" - - and made it a two-layer insult by adding, "we have one right now," so equated Trump with the stealth Kenyan-Muslim fake Christian-American Barack Obama whom Birther-in-Chief Trump had lied about and otherwise denigrated for years.

Also working against Walker joining Team Trump: that Walker has his own dedicated and seasoned swarm of protesters who would follow him to Washington and anywhere he might  might make a speech, grab a burger, and huddle with CEO's to Make America Great Again by stripping workers of overtime hours. 

And Walker's smart enough not to swim towards President Ahab's doomed ship (of state), so look to Trump and his handlers to find a cookie-cutter corporate cipher willing, like Walker, to tout $7.25 as a living wage, but from whom Trump could expect regular flattery without having to relive Walker's disrespect.

But that's not to say that Walker and Trump's futures aren't destined to merge.

I can imagine powerful Republicans in DC with Wisconsin connections plugging Walker in should Indiana bestie Mike Pence suddenly need a Veep, as I theorized, here.

Strange Vice-Presidential materializations and Presidential successions have happened before. 

Gerald Ford was appointed Vice-President by Richard Nixon when Spiro Agnew had to leave town and got the rest of the enchilada shortly thereafter when Nixon was excused, too.

Such are the dreams of Presidential aspirants. 

Labor secretaries? Not so much. 


Anonymous said...

There are no career politicians in Trump's cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Do you think President Trump is dumb enough to appoint someone to a cabinet position that didn't even finish college? Would someone explain how this all works in language Walker could understand?