Friday, February 24, 2017

Will WI DNR also kill its magazine online archive?

Scott Walker is waging war on clean and water in Wisconsin. 

And it's directed by his anti-science, anti-public information "chamber of commerce mentality" DNR managers who have pursued an ideological pattern of climate science web page deletion and scrubbing.

So should Walker's currently-proposed budget successfully kill the DNR's 100% subscriber-supported magazine in 2018 - - its 100th year of publication - 
Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine
- it would only be 'logical" for these ideologues to also delete the magazine's online archive and content search site on the agency's website to keep the forbidden public information away from inquiring minds.

So make use of it now, here.

And definitely go here:

Subscribe to Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

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blurondo said...

There must be a person capable of downloading the archive. Volunteers?