Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tommy Thompson grovels before Donald Trump

Please stop telling me that there is any moderate tissue remaining in the brain and political heart of the flip-flopping/Amtrak-for-Wisconsin-obstructing/DNR-downgrading ex- WI GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson.
Tommy Thompson 1.jpg
The formerly moderate WI GOP Gov., circa 2001
Because he just gave Donald Trump "a strong A" grade as President.

Talk about a fake grade: Trump is earning a strong "F" - - and at best, incomplete.

And Tommy repeats the ridiculous meme that Trump is praiseworthy because he is doing what he said he do - - as if there is automatic merit in following through with fear-based campaigns against foreigners and Muslims, or stacking his cabinet with unqualified billionaires or signing unconstitutional orders because he said he would.

A bad idea made into reality is far worse.

And would Thompson praise Trump if he went out onto Fifth Ave. in Manhattan and shot someone because he said during the campaign he could get away with it?

Tommy is still an adviser on business and health issues to the big DC law and lobbying firm Akin Gump, et al, but putting aside the need to make a buck and perhaps land clients, grading Trump an "A" when his impulsive, chaotic, conflicted and menacing White House and personal behavior since January 20 has the world scared out if its wits is a sensible grade only if the "A" stands for "angst" and "absurd."


Anonymous said...

I will be really proud when Donald grabs some woman in the crotch, because he does what he says.
Tommy Thompson

Anonymous said...

He is so desperate for attention since he lost his senate race.