Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Walker to return some money he'd taken from public schools

Right-wing GOP WI Gov. and public education enemy Scott Walker is said to be including in his next budget some increased public school aid for rural districts - - a worthy goal - - but it in no way compensates for the $1 billion he cut from K-12 education statewide in his first budget.

Or for the loss of $600-$800 million taxpayer dollars he has shifted and plans to move additionally from Milwaukee Public Schools and other districts into private choice schools whose ideologically-conservative movement backs him politically.

As with the possible restoration of some money his earlier budgets drained through tax increases from low-income workers, let's welcome the benefit Walker's budget move will bring if approved, but go easy on praising him for partially rectifying the damage he'd already done to public schools for partisan and power advantage.

And ditto should be return a few bucks to the UW system, whose last budget he savaged to the tune of $250 million, just to stick it to the City of Madison and other campus communities where he fears liberals might put down roots and vote independently of a vindictive, Walker-led GOP.

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