Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump's 'reforms' - more weapons, pollution & middle-class taxes, too?

We're told that White House resident anarchist Steve Bannon and others are crafting Trump's speech to Congress tomorrow; leaks by administration sources indicate novel ways to boost spending on the world's most powerful military Trump is going to make even bigger: cut programs that keep the air and water clean and help feed hungry families.
And since the speech is said also to include tax 'reforms,' listen closely to see if Trump claims that middle-class tax rates will be lowered enough to offset the possible loss of deductions of property and state and local taxes from taxable federal income.

So here's a scenario - - the value of your property might fall because the coal mine or feedlot up stream will be freer to pollute the water and you won't be able to deduct taxes to maintain keep ocal and state anti-pollution efforts.

Unless Step Two is the Walker/Cathy StepP DNR demolition strategy gone national - - fewer inspections, fewer enforcement actions, more business-drafted permits, more contaminants in the water.

As you can see from this chart, people living in high-tax Wisconsin and other midwestern states could easily end up, despite rhetoric and promises, with higher federal tax bills - - and even more state and local taxes as federal programs and responsibilities are shoved downhill - - unless the cut in federal rates compensated for the loss of the deductions.

Anybody wanna bet that this is just another sop to big business and billionaires at the expense of everyday Americans? 

And a way to screw blue states like New York?

And a way to throw out more distractions so no one is focused anymore on Trump's tax documentation, his unethical hotel lease and other grifting off the taxpayers, the Russian election hack, his team's connections to Team Putin., etc.

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