Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2 senior WI GOP leaders key to probe/remove Trump

If our Republic is to be rescued from the anti-democratic and corrupt Trump-Putin partnership, there is a relatively short list of influential Republicans who will have to step to the fore and put the American people ahead of partisan agendas.

Or at least to use that explanation for cover if doing the right thing alone is too unpalatable.

Two of these potential big players are from Wisconsin, and therefore reachable by Wisconsin citizens, opinion-makers, editorial writers, political activists and others.

*  US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.
A portrait shot of Paul Ryan, looking straight ahead. He has short brown hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a red and blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background is the American flag.

*  Former Republican National Committee chairman and current Trump White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.
Without effective pressure on and from these two Wisconsinites, there will be no serious and independent probe of Putin and Team Trump's symbiotic moves.

And since some of you are ready to call me crazy, so I'll add this one more thought.

Ryan and Priebus no doubt prefer Vice-President Mike Pence as a more reliably, conservative Republican incumbent President through at least 2020.

And if Trump is persuaded to leave, as was Richard Nixon, Ryan and Priebus are perfectly positioned to pitch Pence best friend Scott Walker as the appointed Veep to replace the elevated Pence.

Remember that Pence is Righter than right for Republicans on the issues dear to their deeply reactionary hearts, and donors:

Bashing unions, rewarding private choice schools, defunding Planned Parenthood, overturning Roe V. Wade, deregulating Wall Street, adding tax cuts for the rich, and on and on and on.

Too crazy a scenario?

Makes sense to me as a way for Republicans, who are in charge right now, to navigate their party and credit card financiers through uncharted, dangerous waters.


Sue said...

This might not have been the long-term game plan, more likely power brokers/political insiders taking advantage of the situation. And a very good way to shove us back to the sidelines, easily dismissed as reactionaries unwilling to give poor President Pence a chance. Once they're not being openly antagonized, our new friends the angry journalists will go back to the status quo and stop digging.
And before we know it (instead of as it's happening), citizens will find themselves with privatized medicare and 'the pill' will be defined as an aspirin between the legs.
Slow down this slow-motion train wreck. Citizens just starting to figure out what's going on still don't distrust our overlords enough and need a few more examples, short of nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

Very plausible. (Ryan's option to impeach always seemed a possibility to me.)

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this plan since I heard Wanker played Clinton in pre-vp debate prep.

During the actual debate Pence said "at the risk of agreeing" (with Tim Caine.) I worried about the dangers of agreement (snark).

Pence is nothing but a yessir bobblehead for corporate thugs. Just like Wanker. Not an original idea to be found in either man's head.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a narcissist like Trump ever leaving willingly. They are either going to have to throw him in jail or somehow convince him that leaving is his idea. No sir. Trump will stay until he dies in office unless he is actually convicted of a crime.

Anonymous said...

It's a sure fire way to start a very powerful third party.

Mary K. said...

Russian hackers attacked both DNC and RNC servers last spring. James Comey said information was harvested from old RNC email domains that were no longer in use. In August 2016 Roger Stone wrote a piece for The Hill titled, 'Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet' In it, he states "...both parties have engaged in voting machine manipulation. Nowhere in the country has this been more true than Wisconsin, where there are strong indications that Scott Walker and the Reince Priebus machine rigged as many as five elections including the defeat of a Walker recall election." I think the Russians have old emails that probably tell a very interesting story with characters named Nickolaus, Walker and mostly Priebus. I also think Putin wanted Priebus in the Whitehouse. Maybe he is a planned fallguy for some future disclosure. Our Republican representatives are all going to be exposed when the RNC shit hits the fan, so they surely do not want to instigate an investigation.

Anonymous said...

Ryan and Priebus rescuing the country. They won't even flip a coin. Heads the country.Tails the party. They will ignore what would be best for the country. Party first always.

Anonymous said...

Trump/Putin Partnership. No such thing.
He is out tryoing to succeed at what Clinton/obama tried and failed. peace with Russia. Russia need us.