Friday, February 17, 2017

WI DNR serving its wealthy property-buying customers anew

Scott Walker says the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources can't continue to mail out as it has for 99 years a subscriber-paid magazine which thousands of customers routinely receive, but has the time for taxpayer-paid staff to cherry-pick some excellent, so-called surplus parcels and offer them through a government asset website to the highest, well-heeled bidder.

In WalkerWorld, some customers are really, really more equal than others, as the record has already shown.

Follow item #17123-70 - State of Wisconsin, Dept. of Natural Resources - - for the latest round of deals, including, for example:

16c.jpg202 +/- Acre Wooded Parcel w/Easement and is Split by State Hwy 51 Near Rock Falls, WI (Lincoln County)
- DNR File #: Parent File P 1705 - Sale File PR 40217
- Address: Rock Falls, WI 
- Property Details: The parcel is comprised of both lowland and upland woodland. The Department purchased this parcel located in the Town of Rock Falls in Lincoln County. At the time of acquisition, the Natural Resources Board approved that once the Ice Age trail location had been set, the portion of the land not needed should be sold or exchanged. It has been determined that only the northern portion of the property will be needed for trail purposes and the remaining land is to be sold. Land to be sold is outlined in Red.

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