Friday, February 3, 2017

In Trump math, other people pay and pay and pay

So here's how math works in the Trump era:
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
*  Number of people Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said were affected - - "inconvenienced"" is how he put it - -  at airports when Trump's surprise immigration and refugee order went from Steve Bannon's laptop to the real world? 109.

*  Number of people actually affected? The Trump people said that actually, 60,000 people with legitimate visas to enter the United States were blocked, while attorneys told the courts the number was closer to 100,000.

*  Number of Trump's sons whose international travel was not at all inconvenienced while on a business trip to Uruguay for a family enterprise Donald Trump has not divested from? 1.

*Number of nights of Team Eric Trump's stay? 2.

* Cost to the US taxpayers, mostly for hotel accommodations for US security and support personnel? $98,000.

Yes, things are working out nicely - - for the Trumps.

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