Sunday, February 19, 2017

Boston needs a wall. No hoax.

Much of Boston Harbor is only about a food above normal high tide levels, putting 90 thousand residents and $80 billion worth of real estate at risk because sea levels are rising as polar ice melts in a warming planet.

Tourist walkway along the harbor
Rotterdam, Venice and New Orleans have already invested in building barriers against the rising seas levels which are already here, New York City has begun the conversation, and Boston is beginning serious planning with a 2050 completion date in mind.
...a 2013 World Bank report ranked Boston as the eighth most vulnerable major city in the world to property damage from rising seas, among 136 studied.
Basically, Super Story Sandy won't be a one-off, and Trump's Manhattan development background could be driving the issue.
But will the Trump administration waste all the lead time and funding to build a different wall for ideological reasons, and because it believes climate change is a hoax invented by Chinese officials to help sell their exports?

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