Thursday, February 9, 2017

Conservatives Walker, Conway keep pitching garments, and such

They used to say the clothes made the man, but these days it seems clothes make some conservative Republicans into corporate shills.

*  There was Trump senior counselor and Bowling Green Massacre historian Kellyanne Conway on Fox openly pitching Ivanka Trump's products, stirring up yet another ethics conflict that will plague the new regime forever until some regulators dress Team Trump down.

*  Of course you have The Always Be Selling/The Donald himself habitually showing off his Chinese-made oversized ties which are a perpetual ad for, well..something.

*  And who in Wisconsin can forget Scott Walker's years of touting Kohl's sale racks?

In fact, Walker took to Twitter to jump back into Kohl's Pitchman Mode last week:

Just to be clear, I'm not wearing Ken Bone's sweater (although Tonette did get it at Kohl's)
5:33 PM - 3 Feb 2017

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