Monday, February 6, 2017

Walker has new way to stick it to lower-income cities

Right-wing Alaska-tour-guide-in training and Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker, foe of public schools and cities where minorities and Democrats just happen to live, figures out yet another way to screw urban Wisconsin and get more state school money into his suburban, small town and whiter base communities:
Gov. Scott Walker's budget would do more than just increase state aid to schools — it would also double down on a significant change to how that aid gets divvied up among districts. 

Under the GOP governor's two-year budget bill, the state would put $509 million more into a relatively new form of school aid that doesn't account for the poverty of school districts or their students.
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Having failed to win the GOP Presidential nomination or a post in the Donald Trump administration where even debate bumbler and bad dancer Rick Perry scored a key cabinet post, WI right-wing Gov. and Kohl's secret shopper Scott Walker has defaulted to running hard for another four years of taxpayer-paid mansion housing, free travel, unlimited time off and $12,000+ monthly checks.
His bid for a third term, however, means executing a substantial set of pivots, as they say in the trade these says, to make voters forget that in his previous budgets he'd inflicted on the people massive cuts to education, tax-increases on low-income workers and obstruction to rural broadband expansion - - just to mention a few.
So Walker has already signaled that his next budget will include some new spending on education, some new spending on rural broadband services, and some givebacks of the tax increases inflicted on lower-income workers.
Still unresolved: the fiscal and physical messes that are Wisconsin's highways.
Will Trump write Walker a stimulus check he can cash to fill the potholes and keep the Southeastern Wisconsin so-called Freeway plan from turning to a half-century of zipper lanes and double the rush hour congestion delays?


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