Friday, February 3, 2017

Don't be surprised if Trump ignores or defies the federal courts

I noted the other day that Donald Trump could choose to ignore the orders the Federal courts, as did his idol, Pres. Andrew Jackson.

Seems we've veering closer to that kind of Constitutionally-negating stand over Trump's anti-Muslim immigration and refugee ban he and his team dishonestly implemented and justified, and then made real by quietly cancelling 100,000 legally-approved visas for lawful entry in to the US.

And what kind of advice do you think this guy is whispering in Trump's ear?
Two weeks in, and Trump's dictatorial behavior, prejudices and reinforcing staff choices are putting the Republic, let alone his Presidency at risk.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps if he defied the order there would have to be a call for impeachment although the chicken crap Republicans led by Paul Ryan would never go that route. If Trump resigned we would end up with Pence and Ryan and that would probably be worse in terms of systematically destroying the middle and working class with tax and economic policy that rewards those at the top.

Anonymous said...

This might provoke the most massive marches on D C and major cities across the nation that perhaps even the Republicans in Washington would have to stand up and be counted. Paul Ryan needs a strong dose of reality with people getting in his face and telling him it's time to work for people not the wealthy nor those of his ideology that seeks to marginalize the working and middle class of this country. It would be absolutely great to see citizens take over the Capitol and demand fair and equitable policies and governing!