Friday, February 17, 2017

The sound of troops in the street getting closer

The Trump regime is labeling it 100% false, but they drafted it

It's 11 pages long

Seal of the United States Army National Guard.svg

Someone put a lot of time into setting a police state into motion in America:
An internal Department of Homeland Security memo from last month proposed calling up as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants, an agency official said Friday.


Anonymous said...

Scott Wanker did this in Wisconsin. Dropped a bomb on the good citizens of Wisconsin (wrecking our last Super Bowl celebrations by the way in 2011). Used divide and conquer to blow smoke (media vs. the people bullshit). Hired Papa Fitzgerald and sons Daryl and Daryl to run the state legislature with pops running the cops.

Nepotism. Militarizing the police to use tear gas, etc.


Anonymous said...

Trump is probably hoping for some type of terrorist attack against our country so he can declare a national emergency to invoke powers to the Presidency that he desperately desires and declare Marshall law. This man is so drunk with power that he would even wish for something untowardly to happen so that he could take charge and run the country as the dictator that he wants to be! He is an unhinged ego maniac whose danger cannot be under estimated.