Monday, February 6, 2017

Walker, Clarke compete in Wisconsin Freebies Sweepstakes

Often-absent Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has been hauling in the speaking fees and other bennies - - even a cruise! - - but now right-wing Gov. and frequent flyer Scott Walker and First Lady Tonnette Walker have joined the competition as featured celebs on an up-coming Alaskan cruise, Dan Bice also reports.

Maybe the Journal Sentinel can produce a graphic to show who's winning the Wisconsin Freebies Sweepstakes.


Betsey said...

Walker and Tonnette the celebrities on a "celebrity cruise'? Dear God, why do you hate us so much???? What do they call it? Cruise of the Damned? Or Cruise of the I'll-Be-Damned? I'd rather cut my head off with a table knife.

Sue said...

Oh my. He's promoting Alaskan tourism? That's not helpful.