Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump distracts from and ignores the real, serious news

One of the penalties inflicted on the country by the incompetent, scandalized and downright dangerous Trump Presidency is distortion it inflicts on the national conversation.

The country's tallest dam is in serious trouble. It's emblematic of aging infrastructure nationwide and the risks posed to it by a changing climate that intensifies storms with more precipitation.

This story should be leading the news.

It's the poster-story for the implications of climate change.

How big does the canary in the coal mine have to be for Trump not to bump into it when he's looking for the TV remote?

But we have a pathologically-self-absorbed White House squatter- - 
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
- - who thinks the country's biggest infrastructure need is a $21 billion-dollar wall on the southern border, and is in a suicidal embrace with the Russian dictator, believes climate change is a Chinese-invented marketing ploy, and who can't focus on anything for more than fifteen seconds, except he showed us again today at BibiFest by the Potomac, his Electoral College victory margin. 

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