Friday, February 24, 2017

WI GOP hypocrites finally endorse a local control issue

Right-wing WI GOP power misers Gov. Scott Walker and sidekick AG Brad Schimel
have been using their authoritarian, one-party rule to wipe local communities' priorities and procedures - - 'local controls,' if you will - -  off the books wherever they can.

This power grab includes ending long-standing contracting with unions and public employees, slashing wage rates on construction projects, enacting restrictive limits on early voting hours, easing environmental oversight of polluters, rolling back mining rules and protections - - all disregarding local citizen and governments' decision-making.

But, hey look: Brad Schimel spotted an opportunity to look the local control hero by supporting local school boards in setting transgender bathroom policy - - because its a way to cozy up to GOP 'strongman' Donald Trump, and even better, to take another kick at LGBTQ rights, a powerless constituency - - already stressed transgender kids - - and Schimel's frequent target, Barack Obama.

Hence this spectacularly and hypocritically inconsistent mouthful:

[Schimel] believes the issue is best handled locally where voters have "the most direct impact" on policies.
As noted above, a politicized, principle-free one-off. Schimel and Walker are statist power accumulators, with no true regard for local controls.


joerossm said...

Local control!! Sure would like to rid of those damn plastic bags that keep getting caught in the trees in my neighborhood.

Alas, too late -- Scott Walker already signed the bill last March: "Local governments will not be able to ban grocers or other businesses from using plastic bags, under AB 730. No communities in Wisconsin have such a ban, but Republicans who control the Legislature passed the measure to ensure none adopts them as the idea takes root in cities in some other states."

Dice said...

Does it nullify Obama? Check.
Does it give control to local boards who, having been infested with teapatriots, can be relied on to act stupidly in many cases? Check.
Does it cost nothing? Check ...

AND it takes aim at people who mostly can't fight back.