Sunday, February 19, 2017

More about Trump's post-words America

It was probably the hungry Trump talking out of his stomach last night when he said "Look what happened in Sweden." 

He might have been thinking about that scrumptious meatloaf he forced on the passive, hapless, McDonald's delivery boy Chris Christie, then segued to a happy memory of Ikea meatballs, and then, you know, "Sweden."

Or maybe he meant to say "Chicago," since they're as similar as "Atlanta" and "Orlando."

Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
And as with "Bowling Green" and "massacre," words and other facts in Trump's world need not necessarily be tied together in reality.

If the words come from the gut, that's good enough. 

Am I right? 

Bigly. The Colbert character has been actualized, and he is in charge.


This could become more than an issue of diction or syntax if Trump got hungry again and the word "lunch" becomes "launch."

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