Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trump already adopting Walkeresque finger-pointing 'leadership'

Wisconsinites familiar with right-wing WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker's responsibility-ducking-finger pointing  - - former Democratic Gob. Jim Doyle is often Walker's foil on job losses and road problems though Doyle has been out of office for more than six years and Walker enjoys partisan control of all three branches of government  - - will not be surprised that The Yugely Incompetent Trump and his jesters are falsely blaming President Barack Obama for Steve Bannon's white-power refugee and immigrant ban FUBAR, and are trying to pin the botched raid into Yemen on Obama because its planning predated Trump's incautious green-light and itchy, ideological trigger-finger.

Install a self-centered, insecure autocratic corporate CEO in to a public office and he'll bring and use recklessly a responsibility-free, 'The Boss Is Never Wrong' mentality without the benefit of caution or reflection.
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
Give him big weapons and workforces to wield, and you''ve got danger, heartbreak dead ahead.

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