Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump's worst performance yet scares the hell out of everyone

Yeah, so he had himself a [rehearsed] tantrum today. So many grievances, aired.

Here's the transcript, with high-lighting by the fake media the paper that sent an unstable Richard Nixon packing.

The day that Donald Trump mused barely coherently at a White House news conference that "this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine," and thought aloud about blowing a ship belonging to Russian mentor Vlad out of international waters off the US east coast - - 
Donald Trump official portrait.jpg
- - and claimed he inherited "a mess" from the outgoing President who saved the US auto industry, created 11.3 million jobs and spurred a tripled Dow Jones average seems the perfect day to remind ourselves that just about every Republican politicians right up to House Speaker Paul Ryan either told us that Trump was the best person for the job, or like the hapless Mitt Romney, came around when the dust settled hoping to bit off a piece for themselves.

Exhibit "A" for this dysfunction - - this "A" grade just awarded Trump by the Grade-A sycophant, former four-term WI Gov. and Bush 43 cabinet Secretary Tommy Thompson.

Your timing and evaluative skills leave much to be desired, sir.

But here's the craziest thing in this worsening and transparent White House madness:

Republicans have to come to the country and world's rescue before he does blow a Russian or an Iranian ship out of the water.

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Anonymous said...

i just watched the full video of trumps press conference (over 1 full hour) tonight.
i came to a pair of conclusions
1. It would be nearly impossible to report or summarize on the comments that Trump made. He does little or no linear thinking. He offers mostly non related comments to the issues that he himself brings up. He has no grasp of what has transpired with his administration since he has taken office. He also has no grasp of the consequences of the actions that his administration has instituted so far.
2. The leaders who have met with him must suffer the same acute bafflement of what Trump has going on in that little squirrel cage above his shoulders, as i had, when i listened to him in this press outing.