Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Walker to stop taking some money he'd taken from poor

Right-wing and compassion-averse GOP WI Gov. Scott Walker will in his next budget return some of the funding he stripped from low-income wage-earners in his 2011 budget against all known logic and even Republican workforce orthodoxy.

Yes, this is good news for the thousands of working Wisconsinites who had their taxes raised and thus their take-home pay cut so Walker could pay for a tax cut aimed at higher-earners and businesses, but it doesn't erase six years of fewer groceries on the table or shoes for the kids so Walker could reward his funders and exert his authority over people less equipped to fight back.

Praise him if you want, but it's like congratulating the bully down the street for agreeing to stop siphoning your gas or stealing your water.


Anonymous said...

It would be far better if he hooked people in need and those whose jobs have left the state up with those 100,000 "good" paying jobs he claims are out there but no one has the skills to fill them. He knows exactly who the people and families are that receive food snaps and his Dept. OF Work Force Development knows where all these good paying jobs are. Simply match people to the jobs rather than tell them they should go all over looking for jobs 5 days a week if they want to keep their benefits. Secondly, those who are unemployed because their companies closed....give them the training that the good paying jobs require rather than tell them to pee in a cup and hit the streets looking for work. Walker and friends have all the data needed to make jobs available to those needing work and he knows exactly who is collecting unemployment benefits.....bring a training program to them rather than sending them out on the street to cold call looking for a job! One would think if 100,000 good paying jobs were going wanting....skilled workers would be flooding into Wisconsin to grab these great jobs. Not happening one has to wonder....maybe these jobs only exist in Walker's mind!

Anonymous said...

Just gearing up for 2018, since Trump snubbed him. Trying to look like a compassionate conservative!