Sunday, August 2, 2015

WashPost column rates 'mediocre' Walker 3rd among GOP hopefuls

Pretty strong rating for a "mediocre" Walker from "The Fix" - - ahead of several other Republicans in a top ten list, including #5 Kasich (the favorite Midwestern governor among many national media for his occasional humanity) and #4 Trump - - but behind the two Floridians,  #2 Rubio and his purported mentor, #1 Bush:
3. Walker: The Wisconsin governor has withstood the Trump Bump in Iowa and still looks like a favorite to win the first-in-the-nation caucuses there in February. Among the Republicans I spoke with, real doubts remain about how ready Walker is for the big stage and how talented he is as a candidate. I think his performance thus far has been mediocre, with occasional moments of good to very good. Is that enough?


my5cents said...

That's strange because for the last Iowa poll I saw Trump was at 30.?% and they had Walker at 15.?%. I don't think Walker is doing as well as some people might like to believe.

Anonymous said...

cnbc is not a legitimate source for information. It's typical mainstream media crap and lies. The poll they cite was 1 week old now. More importantly, even a week ago it was clear that Trump was climbing in the polls and Walker's support was weak.

But Walker is a dangerous candidate and we cannot rest until we defeat him. Even though he regularly and repeatedly says things just as outrageous as Trump, the media is misrepresenting him as a "moderate", despite the fact he is clearly a koch brother's shill. Right now, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/jsonline is catapulting the propaganda that Walker aims to stay above the fray in debate.

This is a lie, he stands for the same divisive right-wing extremist koch agenda as anyone else. He is not the adult in the room and will pander at least as much as anyone else.

Media lies created our divide-and-conquer governor and they are working to hoist him into the White House.