Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Walker Doe probe blockbuster revelation; no one in WI is surprised

Karma alert:

Remember when Scott Walker said he was "absolutely not" a John Doe target?


And if long-time Walker aide and appointee Cindy Archer hadn't sued Milwaukee DA John Chisholm in Federal Court over how the John Doe probe was conducted, a document naming Walker as a felony target would never have surfaced today, nor would this story have been written and published on the eve of the GOP's first debate Thursday:

Despite denials, Scott Walker was target of probe in 2011 
Records show governor was investigated over proposed real estate deal
Here is a link to the original story about the real estate deal. Also note a few days later, Walker had this to say about the deal and the real estate official involved:
Walker said that he had done nothing wrong. 
"All I know is the way through all the years as county executive and now as governor, I know how I conduct myself. I know the transparency I have and the integrity I bring to the position, so in terms of my own involvement I don't worry," Walker said. 
In response to a question about those around him, Walker went on to say that he believed his aides - some of whom have come under scrutiny from authorities - had acted correctly as well. 
"I'm not aware of anything, particularly for people working for me right now. There's nothing brought to my attention that would be a problem," Walker said.
And I included this in a 2013 postiing
It's been his pattern for 25 years beginning with his ethically-messy losing campaign for Marquette University student body president, so this new probe will be treated the same way: 'I know nothing...I have no information...I wasn't even born yet...' etc. 
Through later campaigns, his County Executive years and as Governor, too. 
The pattern, documentated, is here. 
And a sample from that posting:
A few months ago, Scott Walker told the AP he didn't have a clue about the John Doe probe. Here's how the Eau Claire paper framed the story when running it: 
Walker says he knows nothing of investigation
"We don't know what exactly is involved," Walker said Friday when asked about the raid after a public event at Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport. 
"As far as what I know is what I've been reading in the press. I don't have any more information beyond that."  


Anonymous said...

Gee, scott walker is a lying liar? No wonder MJS PolitiFact is rating softball statements and pumping him up with "mostly true" ratings, sometimes dishonestly and sometimes by "fact checking" really meaningless stuff.

Are they going to give him a pants-on-fire for these lies -- not likely as they are his BFF. Walker is just at truthful as the reporters & editors at MJS.

my5cents said...

You had to know when he hired a defense team to take care of all of those emails that that was not why he hired them. That was just his public excuse for why he hired them. It's too bad they couldn't make something stick and put him away a long time ago. He was unethical then and is unethical now. Skunks can't change their stripes.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's pathetic that Chisholm lacked the courage to file charges and let the chips fall where they may

DairyQueen said...

Too bad the voters didn't know this before the 2010 Governor's election!

And how do the Walker backers explain the use of private email to communicate with Hiller and Jensen? Why would an ethical public official do that?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your comment Jake. Are you saying that you think Chisholm should have filed regardless of whether he thought he had a good enough case?