Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Walker, Boss Vos plan self-dealing electioneering coup

They want to rig fund-raising rules and dump the independent watchdog Government Accountability Board in time for a 2016 election in which they seek personal and GOP party wins.
Madison — Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans who control the Legislature plan to restructure the agency that runs elections by the fall of 2016, when Walker hopes to top the ballot as a candidate for president. 
GOP lawmakers also plan to rewrite campaign finance laws for state candidates to put them in line with recent court decisions. As part of that effort, they are considering at least doubling the amount of money donors can give candidates, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said.
These GOP leaders already gamed the system to embed into law a deeply partisan redistricting plan, failed recently to undo the state's foundational Open Records law so have turned back in their quest for grate control to scheming electioneering advantage.

Lobbyists also overseen by the GAB will no doubt be pleased - - and it is no coincidence that Wisconsin Republicans also want to further remove oversight from the scandal-ridden Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Media and citizens have got to raise the alarm over the attack on the GAB - - a national model run by non-partisan civil servants and retired judges - - or we'll have more one party, rule-and-checks-and-balances'-free governance, with the wealthy and politically-connected calling even more shots as they have engineered at the Wisconsin Supreme Court, too.


prep-h said...

Absolutely..............when they come back in the fall and attempt this crap we had better be prepared to take over the Capitol and shut it down because these clowns will sneak something through in secret unless they are prevented from conducting business.

Anonymous said...

The meds bad actively endorsed and promoted all of this. They will not help. They are on Walker's side and the Koch agenda. Some are making too much of the open records summit. The media lied to cover up its real purpose. Schemes Mel directly stated he supported the Walker's claim of a deliberative process exclusion and he would support this change.

No one in the MSM told the truth about this.

my5cents said...

Their efforts are to create a true oligarchy in the State of Wisconsin just as they are doing in many other states.

They are definitely attempting to create a state government that will forever be Republican and are determined to do it one way or another.