Monday, August 3, 2015

Scott Walker, the air pollution Governor

Making sure his fresh encouragement of Wisconsin's already dirty air - - especially in Milwaukee - - matches the Wisconsin waters already constantly polluted by his enabling, "chamber of commerce" Department of Natural Resources.

Walker (cough, cough) '16.


my5cents said...

This is how I understand the Republicans think you should regulate environmental pollution:

For every regulation passed, the companies should get a tax break to offset the cost of the regulations. That’s their economic plan where pollution control measures are put in place to curb air and water pollution. The problem I have with that is what happens to all the profits they make off consumers. Who gets that or where does it go. If they aren't spending the money they get from the sale of their product to offset expenses, then prices or rates should not increase at the pace they have been.

What they are saying is that if a company or utility is polluting, they can be forced to stop polluting, but if it costs them money to stop the pollution, they should get money back in the form of tax cuts. In other words, we should pay them to stop doing what they should not be doing in the first place. Isn't it fraudulent to raise prices or rates to cover costs that are already covered?

This idea would be quite a scam, if Republicans can pull it off. Seems to me that the corporate welfare some of them now get would offset the cost of regulations wouldn't it. Not to mention the tax loopholes they consistently take advantage of.

This is what Walker means when he says environmental regulations must have an economic benefit for corporations and utilities. He said the two needed to be tied together to work.

MadCityVoter said...

Well gee whiz, who benefits after all when they stop dumping their garbage and toxic waste on us? Us, obviously! And who does it cost to take away their right to pump all their problems over their property line and then forget about 'em? Why poor, poor them, of course! How dare you question their God-given (by their God, naturally enough; I think his name is Mammon) right to socialize costs and privatize profits! What are you, some kind of communist? Of course we need to collectively reimburse the poor harried investor class for all the trouble they suffer by risking their precious capital on the promise of obscene returns skimmed from the labor, creativity and genius of others. Mammon forbid the poor lushes should have to work for a living!