Saturday, January 3, 2015

Walker headed to Israel; Molotov!

Or as staffers at the Governor's Mansion are calling the trip purportedly tied to Milwaukee's water technology hub: The Looming Ham Sandwich Drought.

I mean, he won't be tweeting this from Jerusalem:
Another day, another ham & cheese sandwich lunch:

And by the way, there's no ham in hamtashen.

But seriously, there's an up side to the completely non-political trip Walker says he put off for years when it wasn't politically-necessary: forcing him to tout he city he's bashed and drained of public school funding, Amtrak jobs, crime-fighting tools and transit options.

Walker could use a broader world view: He's always thought the Middle East was between Zaffiro's Pizza on Farwell Ave. and Ella's on Cathedral Square, and occupied territory has meant the Village of Shorewood, Madison's west side or the Marquette neighborhood.

But there are bigger challenges:

*  Walker will have to sound sincere - - there's a problem already - - about the virtues of clean water opportunities in Wisconsin when he and his administration have relaxed water quality enforcement, enabled polluters, and greased the skids for a huge, acid-leaching open-pit mine in pristine northwestern Wisconsin that will degrade the Bad River watershed and threaten Lake Superior.

*  And he will have to hope that The Google in Israel can't track "Walker...Act 10...divide-and-conquer...right-to-work...minimum wage...'" because Israel has a long tradition of trade unionism and even has - - gasp!! - - a Labor Party.

So Molotov with all that, Governor.

P.S. Investor Sheldon Adelson sends his blessing.

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