Friday, January 2, 2015

State website touting Walker as if the campaign is on

For President, that is.

A "Timeline of Accomplishments"?

What blatant personal and partisan spending. Send it to his task force on waste, fraud and abuse.

Here's the abuse reporting website and form.


Bill Sell said...

No complaints about the site. It's devoid of text. Wondering if they got writer's block.

Bill Sell said...

I guess they heard my comment. Yes, it is filling up from 4 years ago. Should become a treasure of knowledge.

TJP said...

It's empty and spinning .

TJP said...
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Anonymous said...

He got away with using every other political office as a taxpayer-funded self-promotion vehicle for each of his stepping stones (which he hopes will lead to the white house).

We know that psycho-judge david prosser, walker's mentor in the assembly, only escaped charges in the caucus scandal because of the statue of limitations.

Now we know that, as county executive, he ran a secret program on the taxpayer dime to get elected as governor -- appropriately, this illegal use of the public trough was called "dark side".

Of course he is using the taxpayer money to launch his presidential campaign -- he's getting away with it and the media is actually promoting this illegal abuse -- why would he stop?

Jonathan Swift said...

If you paid any Wis income or sales tax you a mandatory SKWalker campaign contributor.

DA said...

First thing that jumped out to me was that this looks like an awful lot of development time and effort spent on, while most state agency websites (you know, the ones that actually serve a public interest purpose) still look like they're straight out of 1995 and often have out of date info and broken links (as you've pointed out with DNR).

Would be interesting for someone to do a FOIA request to see how much $$ and time have gone into Gov. Doe's web presence vs other state websites. And, assuming that they're slowly working to drag all state websites into the 21st century, would be interesting to see the justification for prioritizing work on the Office of the Governor before pretty much any other site.

Upon further review, it looks like they used KnightLabs Timeline Generator for this, rather than coding it in-house, so it might be slightly less wasteful than I first thought. Still blatant campaigning with state resources, though.