Monday, January 12, 2015

Walker, GOP will fund road binge with punitive fees, cuts

[Updated, Monday 10:30 a.m.] For the GOP in Wisconsin, it's a double-barreled no-brainer: why raise the gas tax to get the road-builders the money they expect after backing Walker in three straight elections when Republicans the ruling Tea Party can come up with the money by cutting state aids to public school and health care for the moochers they've already demonized and also can bleed a few stick-it-to-them gratuitous dollars in new annual vehicle fees from Prius owners the ruling party thinks all live in blue, Democratic Madison?

The Walker 2013-'15 budget which Vos and Fitzgerald will ram through the Legislature will expand on the practice of cutting deeply into health, public school and other social programs to close the artful deficit Walker et al created with tax cuts. It's the Grover Norquist Tea Party drown-a-smaller-government end-game.

And the cuts will roll downhill to local governments already hamstrung by right-wing fiscal restraint. One way to kill local control is to starve it.


nonheroicvet said...

Please note the slow and painful death of the Tax Fairy in Kansas. Looks like the future for a lot of Ol' Scottie's policies.

Anonymous said...

That will be the plan with Walker's new budget. He will find something to blame HIS deficit on [can't be Doyle this time] and then proceed to declare that the state is temporally broke [AGAIN] and belt tightening will be needed. Alas cuts to education and other social needs programs will have to take it in the shorts [AGAIN]! IT IS NOW THE REPUBLICAN MANTRA TO SIMPLY STARVE PROGRAMS TO DEATH RATHER THAN MAKE CUTS TO POPULAR PROGRAMS!