Monday, January 12, 2015

No fact-checking needed: WI has a Tea Party government

[Updated from Saturday] The evidence is everywhere.

*  Scott Walker said he was "the original Tea Party in Wisconsin" and Tea Party novice Rebecca Kleefisch - - 2009 Tea Party rally speaker video - - defeated in a primary the GOP's more establishment choice for Lt. Gov.

*  Ron Johnson was motivated by the Tea Party to run for the Senate and is now in league with another Tea Partier, Congressman Glenn Grothman.

Grothman and his Tea Party supporters successfully forced incumbent and traditional Republican  Cong. Tom Petri to step aside; a gerrymandered district should make Grothman unbeatable for at least a decade.

*  Wisconsin native, GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos righty roommate and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus helped organize Tea Party support for Walker in his recall campaign against "union beasts," and national Tea Party leaders had earlier coalesced around Walker right after Act 10 protests broke out.

We need to get the narrative straight. Wisconsin has not swung towards Republicans. It has been captured by the Tea Party.

Walker is embracing the Tea Party's selective anti-federal government and ultra-conservative, punitive agenda (i.e. opposing Common Core),  (i.e. backing cuts to food stamp assistance and mandatory drug tests for recipients) - - while spending un-budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars on wider highways (the state equivalent of wasteful, special-intersest military-industrial complex.)

Walker, Vos & Co. have been the cudgels in Grover Norquist 'drown-the-shrunken-government-in-a-bathtub scenario as Walker runn straight towards Tea Party voters as pre-2016 presidential politicking gets under way.


Cindy K. said...

Well, at least you are finally past the denial stage in your grieving. Tell me, good Democrat, just how did you let all that happen?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Simple answer, we tried to be nice to dimwitted righties like Stepford Cindy for the damaging results of your agenda. We've made the mistake of assuming reason would rule over visceral racism and "divide and conquer," particularly when right-wing oligarchs control the state's media, and doesn't want to play it straight.

The remedy? Be forceful with the truth, stop being nice with racists and right-wing thugs, and puncture the bubbles of Stepford Cindy and the bystanders who think she has a clue about the way 95% of us live.

Anonymous said...

How it happened?

A criminal CONspiracy. That is a fact. Whether the rest of the perps are arrested remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

cindy -- it happened because of the dysfunctional media across the state, formerly lead by journal communications (rightwing racist hate broadcasting and print propaganda that would make hitler proud).

Now that they've spin those 2 assets (print lies and broadcast disinformation) into separate entities -- look for bigger and grander lies, all pro-walker.

It happens because even well meaning folks that claim to be progressive or liberal still don't get it -- the media is lying to you -- sometimes direct and in-your-face, sometimes subtle.

Wisconsin is blanketed in an echo-chamber of propaganda, largely led by milwaukee journal sentinel.

Folks that continue to site the lying liars as legitimate sources of information help create our divisive politics.

(and walker's 2012 recall and 2014 "election" can be demonstrated as stole -- mathematically impossible results) -- but that is another thing the media lies about.

2014 WI and FL Governor election fraud: Adjusting the exit poll Party-ID mix

Wisconsin 2014 Governor: Cumulative Ward Voting Indicates Fraud

The Exit Poll Smoking Gun: “How did you vote in the last election”?

Wisconsin 2014 Governor True Vote/Exit Poll Analysis Indicates Fraud

Anonymous said...

Cindy K.....the balls now in your court. You control ALL of government and your experiment in conservative governing will have another 4 years to run. You can no long blame Doyle nor Obama as your party now controls Congress. But I'm of the belief that within 2 years the result of corporate self interest conservative government that puts Wall Street in charge of Main street will lead average Wisconsinites and people across the nation to see that they are being left behind and they will choose to put you and your ilk in the rearview mirror!

Anonymous said...

The teahadists got what they wanted. Total power. Now just like Vietnam they'll burn the whole state down to the ground to "save" it.

How it happened: