Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In speech, Walker lauded the French, but earlier, mais non!

It wasn't that long ago that Walker also used the French people when it suited another agenda - - reading to his cabinet a snarky 'Top Ten' list aimed at public employees, and at others, by extension, - - as the Journal Sentinel reported it.

 Here's the entire list, which Walker also included in his book. I draw your attention to #5.
10.) You take a week off to protest in Wisconsin and your office runs better. 
9.) On a snow day when they say “non-essential” people should stay home you know who they mean.
8.) You get paid twice as much as a private sector person doing the same job but make up the difference by doing half as much work.
7.) It takes longer to fire you than the average killer spends on death row. 
6.) The worse you do your job, the more your boss avoids you.
5.) You think the French are working themselves to death.
4.) You know by having a copy of the Holy Koran on your desk your job is 100% safe.
3.) You spend more time at protest marches than at church.
2.) You have a Democratic congressman’s lips permanently attached to your butt.
1.) You pay more in union dues than you do for your health care insurance.

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