Thursday, January 8, 2015

Extra-helping-of-tax-free public $$ wins private Assembly approval

[Updated] It didn't take long for the conservative leadership in the GOP/Tea Party led Wisconsin Assembly to prove there is a free lunch. Maybe even room service.

Robin Vos' plan to get Assembly members a 50%+ bigger cash freebie so they can bed down for the night in Madison on the taxpayer's dime sailed through on a unanimous vote behind closed doors.

The leaders said they wanted to move fast on their priorities, and they used Jimmy John's model:
"Damn fast."
No word if the closed committee meeting where the policy change vote took place came with a catered, expensed meal.

Following the meeting, GOP leaders turned their focus back to helping Scott Walker shaft the very taxpayers who will be shelling out more money to cover some Assembly members' mileage, motel and meal costs. Doesn't everyone have an employer that pays for transportation to and from work, and for meals during the working day  - - at rates the employees get to set?
Robin Vos says you can pick up more of these tabs, Bucky.


Anonymous said...

What Robin is forgetting to tell the public is that this gives them a much better chance to govern under the cover of darkness and behind closed doors away from the public eye. What better way to meet with lobbyists and special interests to exchange money and ideas for legislation with the taxpayer covering the costs. No doubt about it Robin is intent on giving the taxpayers a bigger government for their buck!

Betsy said...

More proof that unions are for the little people and the NFL. Easy to understand when Republicans get all they want without union representation. Are our Legislators really looking out for or hiding out from hard working Wisconsin taxpayers? I think the latter.