Thursday, October 9, 2014

Will Walker attack Obamacare during Friday's debate?

Let's hope so. 

The debate location itself might inject some life into a set-piece format regrettably scheduled during a small audience Friday night time slot.

The debate site is Eau Claire's Mayo Clinic, rated Northwestern Wisconsin's #1 health care facility - - so let's see if Walker dares attack Obamacare and call for its disruptive repeal while it is no doubt saving patients right on the premises

I'd noted a couple of weeks ago a misleading Walker Twitter snark at the program:

Mary Burke supports ObamaCare and wants to expand it in WI. I want to repeal it & put patients back in charge of health care.

Repeal it? Most Republicans have dropped that inflammatory position.

PolitiFact has explained how Walker has misrepresented Burke's position on Obamacare expansion. 

Burke has criticized Walker for refusing to accept for the state some Obamacare funding that could have expanded health care coverage for low-income residents. PolitiFact showed that a Walker ad attributed to Burke an "unequivocal" level of support for Obamacare, which Burke never voiced.

Walker's handlers probably thought they'd scored a win with the debate's timing.

Maybe the location will shed the kind of light on Walker's true self and politics that he and his campaign work overtime to mask.


Sue said...

It's up to Mary Burke to find a way to get this into the debate. Hopefully her oppo research people are crunching numbers specific to this hospital/system and finding ways in which it's benefitted since Obamacare started.

Anonymous said...

Quick, call everyone you know in Illinois and ask them if they would vote for Mary in the November election!!!!!!!!