Monday, October 6, 2014

WI woodlands being cleared; few official concerns raised

Swaths of wooded land in Adams and Wood Counties that once supplied the paper industry with raw materials are being rapidly converted to farming through high-speed mechanized deforestation, and there seems to be no official concern about the impacts on the environment and neighboring communities.

Modern-day farming pulls massive amounts of water from ground and nearby surface streams and lakes.

Farms are applying on their land airborne sprays of manure produced by mega-dairies - - coincidentally, a big political debate where this farming is an issues happens tonight - -  along with chemical fertilizers that move into the soil and further downstream.

I'll bet that the forest land being cleared helped filter and clean precipitation and runoff, too.

As with its shoulder-shrugging 'regulation' of frac sand mining and enabling of expanded dairy operations, the woodland-to-farming conversion in Central Wisconsin seems like more careless, carefree anti-environment and science by the Walker-corporatized Wisconsin DNR.

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WI woodlands being cleared; few official concerns raised; 'newspapers' print press releases

The process all is part of an ongoing cycle of regenerating woodlands and then rotating those lands back into agricultural lands. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that the soil is properly cared for throughout the entire process, Morey said.

“That soil keeps benefiting people in many ways, so we have to be sure to treat it right,” he said. “This entire cycle is a give-and-take thing — we give something to the soil, and it gives back to us.”

Story contributed by Scott Schultz, owner of Deep Roots Image Consultants, Osseo.

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